Most kids have dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. At 6 years old, Felicia was singing Whitney Houston songs and learning everything she could about performing. She sang throughout grade-school and performed in local plays, soaking up every experience she could. She believed that all of these elements would help make her a better singer and actor. This belief grew in her, eventually leading her to college where she would study music, acting, and complete a degree in Latin American Language and Literature.

After completing her degree, Felicia decided she would follow the footsteps of so many greats and "Take the A Train," and moving to Harlem was the 1st of many great steps towards her future.

Since she exploded on the scene with her super ballad, "My Heart, "Felicia has been recognized by Sirius XM Satellite Radio and many others as a rising star. After performing to the delight of audiences on countless stages across the globe, Felicia Renae is ready to share a  body of work that is sure to excite and intoxicate.

After a single look and listen, this girl’s appeal is crystal clear. She’s the quintessential it girl. A powerhouse with edgy style and an approachable vibe who embodies a rare combination:  vibrant vocals, true talent and tempestuous yet sugar-sweet sexiness. Her southern roots make her too much of a lady to ever make her fans choose.  When Felicia’s on the mic, all of their expectations are fulfilled.

Felicia's debut album is incredible. The title song, "Underneath," is a sassy danceable challenge to find out what new love has to offer, and she clearly has a lot to give. Her beautiful ballad "Fool's Gold," will stir your emotions from the very first note, and the summer love feel of "You Take Me There" will send you flying high with both her range and delivery. The thematic song "Warrior" is an outcry for anyone with a battle to fight, and she even offers us something new: a beautifully executed acapella  R&B duet! 

Check out her debut album and see what music lovers are buzzing about!


Photographer: Wesley Hodge

Musician: Felicia Renae

Location: The Stephen Michael Haas room inside The Harrisburg MakeSpace

Artwork by: Stephen Michael Haas, Zach Holtzman, Georgianna Hicks, Mike Clemente